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Hello I am CloudWatcher at girl scout camp. I would like to try some of these recipe. I also don't know how to sign in. There is no place for new members. Also you have such a lovely family. I love them deadly. Donetta Casey

Hi Donetta, Thank you for the compliment about my family. I love them dearly too. I think you go to camp with my nieces. You don't have to be a member or sign up to view the recipes. I don't really use that function of the website. Let me know if you have trouble viewing something or if there is something unclear in any of the recipes. thanks for visiting the site. Cheryl

Cheryl, your Uncle Ernie just told me about your website and I thought I would check it out. Do you remember me? I use to buy your dad the pecans and he would bake the pecan loaves. He use to work at the Manhattan Restaurant when he was very young and that was their specialty. I hope I find your dad’s recipe on your web site Hope to see and talk to you in the immediate near future.

Hi Mike, Yes, of course of I remember you. My dad had a picture of you cooking with him and Uncle Ernie (and a few others) in our family room in the basement for years. I hope you are doing well. I don't believe his pecan roll recipe is on the website but I will add it soon.

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