Deep Fried Artichokes


  • 6 round baby artichokes, trimmed, stalks peeled
  • 1 liter canola oil
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • 2 to 3 lemons


Step 1: Fill a large bowl halfway with water. Squeeze the lemon halves into the water and add the lemons. 

Step 2: Trim the stem of 1 artichoke. Starting at the base, bend the tough outer leaves back and pull off where they break naturally. Using a vegetable peeler, peel the dark green skin from the base. Halve the artichoke lengthwise and scoop out any choke.
Step 3: Add to the lemon water. Repeat with the remaining artichokes.
Step 4: Hold the artichokes in acidulated water after trimming, to keep from discoloring.
Step 5: In a heavy-bottomed, tall-sided pot, heat the oil to 300 degrees F.
Step 6: Meanwhile, drain the artichokes.  Season the inside of each choke with salt and pepper. Fry each artichoke half in the hot oil, working in batches, keeping them submerged with a slotted spoon or spider. 

Step 7: After 10 minutes, increase the heat to 350 degrees to finish cooking. Remove from the oil, drain on paper towels and, if necessary, season with salt and pepper again.