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Benvenuti alla Cucina Grandinetti

My family comes from the mountains of La Sila in Calabria, Italy, specifically, the villages of Parenti and San Giovanni in Fiore.  My grandmother on my father's side comes from Villafrati, a small town in Sicily.  If you've ever been in the kitchen with Italian grandparents or parents, you'll know that they rarely measure or write anything down. My brother and I started this website as a way to capture our family recipes. Here you will find many of our family recipes handed down from generation to generation. I've also posted some of my favorite recipes gathered from my travels, friends, and obsession with famous chefs and bakers.  Many thanks go to my friend, Amy, who has spent many Saturdays cooking and baking with me as the chef de cuisine or as my sous-chef.

Enjoy and happy cooking!

Cheryl Grandinetti